TLO Restaurant Review: Butcher BBQ Stand

Editor's Note: Before we get to this TLO Classic Food Review, I wanted to pass along that, all things considered, Louis is doing better! He's still working hard with physical rehab and speech therapy, and as he continues to recover from his stroke, we're going to republish some of his classic reviews from over the years.

With average BBQ still simmering in the local news cycle, I thought we'd take a trip back to Louis – and Sean's – May 2021 trip to the famed Butcher BBQ Stand located off Route 66 in Wellston. It may not give you meat-sweats, but it will definitely leave you feeling hungry.



Country Meat: A Long-Awaited Lunch at the Butcher BBQ Stand

Well over a year ago, when pandemics like Covid were barely a dripping-wet newborn calf, Patrick asked me to go out and try the famed Butcher BBQ Stand, 3402 OK-66 in Wellston, interested if the accolades and awards they’ve accrued were well earned, at least by my gelatinous gullet. Of course, I missed my opportunity then.

Famously featured on the TLC (and eventually Destination America, whatever that is) television show BBQ Pitmasters, Butcher BBQ gained fans from all over for their winning meats and sides courtesy of David Bouska and his son Levis, earning a sauce-covered name in Oklahoma for their roadside stand.

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