Golden Doodle In Tow, The Village Mayor Verbally Assaults Nichols Hills Cops…

Tensions are escalating in the Nichols Hills / The Village turf war!

In an old-school print-only exclusive, The OKC Friday reported today that the mayor of The Village, Adam Graham, along with his unnamed golden doodle, verbally assaulted a pair of Nichols Hills police officers as they were conducting a traffic stop that crept into The Village city limits.

According to the Friday's report, Nichols Hills police claim a cop pulled over a car for going 43 in a 25 near the northern end of the town's legendary speed trap on Penn Ave., just blocks from where the thoroughfare transitions from the regal roads of Nichols Hills to the rough and tumble streets of The Village.

While dealing with the driver of that car, the police reported that another motorist pulled up, declared himself mayor of The Village, and then yelled at them through an open window, complaining that they "can't stop people in The Village!"

The Nichols Hills Police Department apparently has body cam footage of the incident and shared it with the breaking news division of The OKC Friday. We have yet to see it, but did acquire the following screenshot via The Ogle Mole Network:

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