TLO Show: Pandemic Center of Excellence Grift w/ Dr. George Monks, M.D.

We were honored and happy to have Dr. George Monks, M.D. – the former president of the Oklahoma State Medical Association – stop by The Lost Ogle Show presented by No One.

Dr. Monks became an honest and visible voice of reason during the pandemic and never held back on giving his honest, professional, grounded-in-science opinion on things, including the questionable moves and decisions of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt.

In this episode, Dr. Monks and I spent a lot of time discussing Stitt & Co.’s decision to move the State Medical Lab to the infamous Pandemic Center for Innovation and Excellence in Stillwater, and its ramifications for the Oklahoma people. We also discussed the politicization of healthcare during the pandemic, dealing with a combative Governor, and Oklahoma healthcare in general…

As always, The Lost Ogle Show is available for Internet consumption wherever free podcasts are bought, sold and traded.

I’d like to thank Dr. Monks for stopping by the program, Randy “Mile High” Mitchell for producing, and me for hosting.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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  1. Do we have a running tab of Stitts boondoggles? I mean right off hand I can think of $35 million between Epic and Swadleys. I know this testing lab and CARES Act money was misappropriated along the way. I guess I’ll tune in to the podcast and see if this is discussed.

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