Sheriff’s Department Shows How Dangerous Fireworks Are By Shooting Off Fireworks

In what has to be the least enforced law of all time, Oklahoma City's website clearly states it is illegal to "use, buy, or sell fireworks" within city limits. Dozens of families in my neighborhood, including at least four people on my street, have been setting off fireworks every night since the first of July. I can see how it might be difficult to locate these offenders, what with them literally launching flaming explosions into the air three to four hours at a time, night after night. Truly an unsolvable case.

I don't know how unlucky people have to be to get busted for possessing fireworks, but apparently it does happen according to the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office who released a video of themselves setting off all the fireworks they confiscated over the holiday weekend.

According to an article posted by Tulsa's Fox23 News, "this is when the fun starts for the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office." The article reminds us how dangerous this is by pointing out that the Bomb Squad detonates the fireworks, although in the video the closest person to the pile of fireworks is a Fox23 reporter who, unless he plans on blocking an incoming Roman Candle with that microphone, doesn't seem to be too worried.

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