Norman Campus Corner to get the world’s largest Raising Cane’s…

There are some mysteries in life that I will never truly understand.

You know, things like when time began, who taught the first teacher, or why some people are so obsessed with Raising Cane’s chicken fingers.

Seriously, I just don’t get it. It’s not that they’re bad chicken fingers, but I’ve definitely had better. I’d take Zaxby’s or Slim Chickens or even Chick-Fil-A over Cane’s. Based on the drive-thru lines at NW 63rd and May, I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way.

I bring all this up because Joe Castiglione’s son announced on Twitter today that apparently the world’s largest Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is coming to Norman Campus Corner.

Yep, they’re replacing a salad shop with a fried chicken chain. I guess you can’t get any more Oklahoma than that!

Some people questioned the reporting of the OU athletic director’s son. He provided the following receipts:


Being the hard-hitting Internet journalist I am, I did some quick Google research to find out where the largest Cane’s is currently located. I was surprised to learn it’s on 2nd Street in Edmond, and is simple known as “The Mansion.”

First of all, the Mansion is kind of a boring name. The staff should have picked the brains of the employees who came up with the brilliant Nightmare on 23rd Street at NW 23rd and Penn. They’re geniuses.

Second, the Norman – Edmond rivalry is reaching new heights thanks to a chicken finger chain! I love to see it.

I guess the obvious follow-up question is “Why does Raising Cains need over 4,000 square feet to build a restaurant?” They only have like five different foods on the menu. What’s all the extra space for?

My theory is they need it to store all the Spencer Rattler merchandise they printed last season:

Anyway, I guess we’ll monitor this situation as it fries away. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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25 Responses

  1. Yes, Patrick! Zaxby’s is far superior to Cane’s. And the marketing isn’t as hypey.

    1. Cane’s has a dog wearing sunglasses and a feel-good slogan — One Love — that I don’t understand. What the hell else do you snobs need!

  2. Slim Chickens is also better

  3. Is Campus Corner even a thing anymore? Without Brothers, Sugars, and Walter Mitty’s what’s left?

  4. Campus Corner doesn’t even deserve the capitalization anymore, IMO.

    Almost all of the homegrown, local-owned establishments are long gone. The Town Tavern, the ‘Strap, the Gray Fox, the Chuck Wagon, Liberty D’s.

    Hell, nobody even knows who or what Orin’s was! (It was the best pizza ever made in Norman OK. And Orin was a tough cookie… he knew he owned you because you had to have his pizza. So if you wrote him a bad check he would never let you forget it. You could get a large cheese for $1.10… pepperoni for $1.50. We lived on it.

    And they think Louie’s is a pub chain owned by Bob Stoops and Hal Smith. It is, but they stole the name from Louie’s down on Porter south of Lindsey.

    And thank you, Rick, for mentioning Walter Mitty’s…. Sugars has been there so long it has almost erased WM’s from the collective memory. Walter Mitty’s was all nude, so was Sugars for a time, I think.

    .25 cent draws, $1 pitchers and all-nude dancers. Sorry, kiddies, you missed the good old days and I doubt they are coming back.

    1. I never knew that there was such a thing as a dive titty bar but Sugars does prove their existence. Happy to say I got kicked out one drunken night for yelling out “that stripper has more cottage cheese in her thighs than the deli cooler at Homeland!” Turned out the bouncer was her son and it was also the first time I opened a door head first. Good times.

      And to add to the list, The Quarter House, horrible coffee at LaBagette and Jungle Jim’s.

      1. Yeah, I dj’ed at Sugars for some time, and YOU were just the kind of asswipe we always hated. Some guy so insecure in their own masculinity that they have to shout insults at women who are trying to earn a living. Enjoy your superiority and you’re lucky they didn’t use your face as a cheese grinder on the bricks in the alley.

        1. I’m sorry but your mom can’t dance. Cheese grated face sounds like an improvement to the smell that place had or the lame ass tunes you played.

    2. All true. God bless Orin. He could write some crude stuff on the pizza box if you asked for it. We would howl & save the box tops for the wall. Louie’s was a scene on Friday PM. Guess Stewart & O’Connell’s is the only original left. (even in a different location)

  5. Chicken fingers bore me. Mediocre chicken fingers disgust me. Blech!

  6. well, Zazby’s lasted a couple of months on Main St. Nice building, for lease,,,,

    1. The last time I had Zaxby’s, the chicken was fair and the breading was hard as a rock.

  7. I didn’t even know chicken HAVE fingers.

  8. Makes me think of the long-departed Fontanelli’s. Held court at the pool table there in the late 70’s.

  9. Anyone ever do NYN trivia at Mr. Bills, or music at Rome 90?

    1. Hell yeah!

  10. Went to the Raising Canes in Edmond when it first opened. Haven’t been back and don’t intend to. Except for the WalMart neighborhood market and Pei Wei, businesses in that strip center have had a tough time. Half Price books just closed and so did Philly Homa cheese steak joint. Parking should be an olympic event.

  11. You would think that a company as large and apparently successful as Raising Cain’s would do some due diligence before signing a commercial lease like this. I’m sure that Cain’s will spend a fortune remodeling and opening its campus corner location, and that it will be initially successful. But as soon as it starts doing well, the landlords will pull the old rent-increase-extortion trick and Cain’s will vacate just like all the other businesses before it. The only places that seem to do well on Campus Corner are the ones that are lucky enough to own their building.

  12. If I were a student, this is in the group of places to eat that I would avoid. Give me something small and hopping. Not a big chain chicken joint.

  13. Hard to believe but a mild mannered future politician – me – built a nightclub east of Lexington, yes Lexington, back in the 70s and on into the 80s, and I got my cocktail waitresses out of Walter Mitty’s. They earned more money with their clothes on and wearing a smile at my place than they did minus all or some of their clothes up in Norman. My customers appreciated the college girl ‘touch’ they brought and paid for it with good tips. Actually two marriages developed from the exchange of sly glances, a smoothing voice and a roughneck’s promise of big wells. It was the 70s after all and of course ‘roadies’ were semi-legal, we had no police hassling because we were in unincorporated area and most guys helped keep the peace because it was a clean, nice place. Well, there was the night the roughneck crew came in from Maysville and if it hadn’t been for Gary Baker, Bud Hardcastle and a couple of other regular customers I probably wouldn’t have been around late to get into politics. BTW the name of the place was The Run of 89 in honor of the land run of 1889 and was built on the very 160 allotment my great grandfather got in the Run. Located two miles east of Lexington on Highway 39. It’s now a daycare center but has been a church several different times. We all know God works in mysterious ways. Had great bands. Maya, Granddaddy, Jerry Duncan and Four Wheel Drive and dozens of others. Anybody reading this willing to admit you dropped in sometime or more likely all those customers are now dead. And we never served any chicken of any kind but Mike, my bartender and now a lawyer/CPA, could make any drink you wanted. And dance contests, $100 bucks to the winning couple…real money in the 70s.

    1. Awesome story!

  14. If you want great fast food chicken, Pollo Campero is quite the best. Tasty sides too.

  15. This post needs to be bronzed. Best I can tell it is the only item Graychin hasn’t commented on in 10 years.

  16. Back when I dropped out of OU and graduated from the fine institution known as the University of Phoenix, we used to eat PB&J sandwiches at Campus Corner and dream of being a well paid state employee. All these years later, look at me now. I’m a legend, and I bag all the young employees I can.

  17. I prize the Nightmare on 23rd Street and Cane’s chicken fingers. The 23rd street store is an especially good alternative to the McDonald’s at 23rd and Penn, which keeps finding reason after reason not to open its dining room. McDonald’s corporate has even said it should be open.

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