Oklahoma School Supply Checklist by Sec. Ryan Walters…

Hello my fellow Oklahomans!   As Kevin Stitt's hand-picked Secretary of Public Edumacation, I'm happy to welcome Oklahoma students back to classrooms over the next month as they continue to learn STEM stuff and how to read gooder.   As I travel the state campaigning for public office, trashing Tulsa public schools, and sparring with Joy Hofmeister, I am eager and excited to watch our students learn, and more importantly, study their bathroom habits!   I also pledge to protect students from the liberal indoctrination of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, keep boys from playing girls' sports, and any other manufactured right-wing pandering talking points I can stuff into my Ferrari Trapper Keeper.   As the administrator of a super successful plan that used millions in public Covid-related funding to get important school supplies into the hands of private school students, I know first-hand how important it is for students to be prepared with proper school supplies to make the most of their education experience, especially while in the comfort of their family game room.   On that note, I worked with my friends at ClassWallet to come up with 7 essential school supplies for Oklahoma students as they return to the classroom...  
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