Report: Markwayne Mullin is a tiny little man

I failed you, Moles.

Last week, I recapped the derp-off Senate debate between Markwayne Mullen and T-Dubya Shannon. You can read it here.

In my haste to hit the publish button, I missed an important detail that we should have noticed – Markwayne is a tiny little man!

Geeze, I had no clue that Markwayne was so… small?

Like, I knew his brain and intellect were microscopic, but I had no clue he needed to use a booster stool when appearing on TV! It makes you wonder why he even had to crouch to the ground on January 6th:

Should we really be making fun of people for things that can’t control like their height? Probably not. Then again. Markwayne Mullin is a tool who thinks rules don’t apply to him, so I guess it’s okay.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised

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28 Responses

  1. Damn. I ain’t gonna vote for some little shit.

    1. BTW, I mean little shit in character, not in stature. I’m sick of election denying whackos and liars. They are both skunks in my book.

  2. Only in Oklahoma would you witness a White Christian nationalist running against a Black Republican.
    Google comparisons in speeches given by the likes of a Marj Greene or a Tucker Carlson next to those given by a David Duke or actual KKK speakers in their hooded robes.
    I swear I’m not fixated but you keep hitting on the subject and after decades of political observation I’m just sickened that Oklahoma has produced a Senate candidate of this level of total embarrassment to the citizens of Oklahoma. His primary ad hits a level of political ignorance at least this old guy has never seen the likes of. What does he stand for? Me Republican, me good, donald trump, tranny wrestlers kicking my daughters ass and I’m putting a stop to it.
    MarkWayne, have you ever given an actual National policy speech that didn’t include tranny wrestlers or a punching bag? Just curious.

    1. I think you are thinking of this comparison, excuse me, highly accurate comparison.

  3. And I do believe those are cowboy boots he has on, but apparently they didn’t add enough height to put him on equal footing (yeah, lame) with the other guy!

  4. And… he’s wearing cowboy boots with what looks like extra thick soles. While standing on what’s called a “half-apple” box. That’s hy-larious!

    1. Yes, and it appears the boots might have the taller dress heels too.

  5. We are so screwed….

  6. I wish I could talk Werner Herzog into doing a documentary on Oklahoma politics. But only if he’d also narrate.

    HERZOG (classic Bavarian accent): It is difficult to believe the idiocy and circus that is Oklahoma politics, and it has no better example than MarkWayne Mullin, a man of obviously limited intellectual powers who feels it necessary to stand on a box, so as not to appear shorter than his debate opponent, who himself cannot escape his resemblance to an institutionalized mental patient uttering non-sequiturs and babbling about “Oklahoma values” while completely ignoring the fact that these “values” are nothing to write home about, assuming either of these candidates knew how to write.

    The box Mullin stood upon during the debate had better ideas and was a better candidate.

  7. One question. The first question asked. Both disqualified themselves – “the 2020 election was a fraud, Trump won.” The big lie. Cult behavior. Intellectually, morally, ethically deficient – both of them. They’ll call themselves “Christians”. They are liars. They know they are lying; even worse. Not a shred of shame or self awareness.

    Any honesty would have them decline to run, endorse the Democrats statewide and slink off the stage.

    Every Oklahoman of any political or religious persuasion should be repelled by the behavior of these, “Standard Bearers”.

    1. Yup, yup and yup

  8. Hey, Sports Fans,
    The play book of the fascist has already been written by the Nazi’s.
    The question is, Did you want to read it or learn the hard way?
    As in the 1930’s when the Nazis needed to keep the U. S. out of the war in Europe
    or divide by “Nazi Propaganda Machine”.
    It would have worked if not for 12-7-1942.
    You would be surprised at how many Americans have NO idea what that date means in our History.
    I as a son of one of America’s Greatest Generation, am willing to see just how low these puppets of the MAGA’t party are willing to stoop.
    I will educate others to shame these little peons of “Putin’s Bunker Bitch”.
    how many pieces of silver is ones Soul worth?
    What will it take to wake up America to see the REAL agenda of the likes of
    Fascism at work?
    I dare any one to watch the 16mm B&W film by the Allies in WWII narrated by Walter Cronkite what the True Fascist are willing to do to humans to control the WORLD!
    Wish this was just a dream that our parents and grandparents would never think possible again!
    Knowledge is Power!!
    My oath to my country ends when my creator calls

    1. What happened on 12-7-1942? Did Hitler do something on that date that was detrimental to his pursuit of world domination? Hmm…I’ll have to refer to the history books, but that date doesn’t have any significance to me.

      It was 1941. When Patrick (and others on this site) are poking fun at the Oklahoma educational system, they’re really poking fun at you.

      1. Going to attack people’s spelling next?

      2. I love these elitist pissing contest posts, main reason I read these comments. I imagine brilliant megaminds with enormous heads solving every single problem humanity faces in between tlo comments.

  9. Sorry folks,
    should have read 12-7-1941.
    My bad.
    Just getting a little tired of the scum in office and those who are trying.

  10. Does the box constitute false advertising? I think so. Wearing high heels is a cheat too, even if they are “manly” cowboy boots.

    Apparently MWM’s obsession with building his upper body muscles on our dime in the congressional gym is an attempt to compensate for his other “short”comings. This explains a lot.

    We already know about his tiny IQ score, “short” by quite a few points. Ya gotta wonder what other parts of him are short.

    Vanity, vanity. All is vanity.

  11. It’s a shame D*ckheads like these two cannot be put before a judge and jury like Alex Jones, and his d*ck growing infomercial machine.

  12. Listing to those two “debate” or agree that guns are wonderful and that the 2020 election was “rigged” and Donald Trump won the election was remarkable. I could only watch that train wreck for a few minutes and could take no more.

    One of those idiots will be the next Senator from Oklahoma, because there are so many that think those two guys are the smartest in the state. It’s no wonder companies won’t come to the state even when offered millions in incentives.

    The state is screwed, and those that vote in the one-party state are escalating the decline.

    1. I vote in this one-party state. But never for people like these dim bulbs.

      Getting more Oklahomans to turn out to vote against madness like this is our only hope.

  13. Whats that word for a short douchbag?? It’s called a teabagger and you just know thats what the fat orange traitor is calling that midget while his itty bitty orange nuts are slapping that “little person” in the middle of his short little forehead!

    A teabagger or uncle tom for our senator…we are so screwed!!

  14. The proof is in the puddin’. Get ready to see more business look past Oklahoma and Texas and end up in Kansas.

  15. How big yall think his truck is? Bet it’s jacked up high!! And on like what, 34s?

  16. Looks like TW is standing on a platform too FWIW. Need those clicks though, I get it.

  17. Back in my day, we called the shoes/boots the tiny little man is wearing nifty-lifties.

  18. Lot of talk about big business passing by Okla cause of stupidity and rightly so. Might also want to think about the Air Force bases that have sustained this state with civilian jobs for so many years. Inhofe kept them open many times when they were on the chop block. These two spuds won’t have the clout that Inhofe had. Now that Okla is getting funny with things like human rights, don’t think that the armed services won’t think twice about pulling their big planes and there pilots and wives who need medical care and their gay service folks out of here. Food for thought.

    1. Got to agree with you Mark. We’re in a world of hurt due to turds such as these guys.

  19. He must be like 5’2, because his official MMA card has his height as 0’0″. Dude is too embarrassed to list it.

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