We talked to Madison Horn & Jason Bollinger on The Lost Ogle Show!

Greetings Moles!

Last week, I was happy and honored to record Lost Ogle Show podcast episodes with Madison Horn and Jason Bollinger – the two young Democrats competing in a runoff to lose to James Lankford in one of our state’s two US Senate races.

In individual interviews, I talked with them about their backgrounds and Oklahoma roots, discussed their stances on the hot topic issues of the day, and spent way too much time chatting about Tex-Mex.

We also talked about some of the “controversies” that have developed on the campaign trail, including Jason’s unsuccessful attempt to boot Madison off the ballot, and Madison’s distant relation to another person vying for US Senate – the short and infamous Markwayne Mullin.

You can listen to each episode below, or wherever fine podcasts are bought, sold, and traded:

I’d like to thank both Madison and Jason for taking time out of their busy days to stoop to my level, and wish them the best of luck in their quest to be sacrificed by James” Gingertor” Lanford. I’d also like to thank our producer extraordinaire Randy “Mile High” Mitchell for editing the podcast, and scrubbing away some of my mistakes.

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7 Responses

  1. No way to outwit the Republican goons in Oklahoma, unless they suddenly come out and say something against the 2nd amendment, or God, or become pro-choice, or tolerant of LGBQT, or accepting of POC.

    1. You missed one of the Third Rails of Republican politics, the other thing that their candidates dare not take a side against: Donald Trump.

      I suspect that today he matters more to the base than God, guns, or gays. Much more. “Pro-Trump” is mentioned in almost every one of their TV commercials.

      Another one of the Impeachment Ten (congresscritters who voted to impeach the rascal after January 6) lost her seat in a primary yesterday.

  2. Who do you think would win a race between Markwayne Mullin and Josh Hawley?

    1. Who is Josh Hawley? (And that answers the question).

  3. Leave it up to an obscure blog to give the democratic candidates more time than all Oklahoma news outlets combined.

  4. I know Jason and Madison and both have more integrity, honesty and sincere love of Oklahoma than Junior (Lankford junior senator from Oklahoma) ever has. Jason is a lawyer and a damn good one. Madison is in the cyber-security business and Lankford is in the business of drawing a check, a breath and continued access to a microphone for the man born with a voice for radio. Two predictions. James will outspend them 20 to 1 and he won’t debate either one of them.

  5. To Horn’s comment about ‘how the majority should decide what’s right or wrong’: I think in-fact “the majority” of Oklahomans are actually ‘pro-life’ (I know–it’s more like ‘pro-suffering’–but “pro-life” is what THEY call it).

    We may “know” that pro-choice is right … I hope you’re not saying you’d change your mind if ‘pro-life’ were the majority’s choice.

    It’s where I remember the quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin: “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on ‘what’s for dinner.’ Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting thn vote.”

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