TLO Restaurant Review: Gourmet Donuts

In Noble, there are two donut shops to choose from: Donuts Palace and Gourmet Donuts.

While Donuts Palace has an extensive roster of professional donuts, Gourmet Donuts, 203 Main St., has something that regal Palace doesn’t have: fried rice and hamburgers.

It made for an easy choice…

I stopped by Gourmet Donuts around lunchtime and there was a short line, with the pleasing section of fried dough spurring customer’s in record time.

When it was my turn at the altar, I had most of my order picked out – the Pork Fried Rice and the Hamburger, no problem.

But finding that one elusive donut… that was my dilemma.

In front of me was a great divide of elaborate pastries. I looked through the mounds of edibles, from the fragile delicate to the cockbusting blockbusters, until I found the perfect medium; it was the Red Velvet ($0.99) selection and I fell in love.

As I took a bite, a velveteen sheen surrounded me. True to their word, the donut was the most transcendental I ever had. The moist cake and the wet icing began to breathe, giving ample room to flourish. The taste sensation erotically massaged the sweet part of my brain, helping me forget the other contenders.

As I gulped the velvet down, I wanted to sinfully embrace another one, but then I turned my attention to the rest of my meal – the Pork Fried Rice.

Typically, I am not a fried rice fanboy. That being said, this Pork Fried Rice ($8.99) is good enough to make me a believer. Besides the rice, vegetables, and, of course, the pork, Mr. Gourmet Donut tossed in a skillfully pared egg or two, giving the classy mixture a real greasy spoon feel. It was an unusually supportive side dish worth its weight in gold.

I then turned my attention towards the main course in this manic fusion of a meal – the burger.

No matter where or what it is, hamburger meat is my go-to. I unsatanically love it. Gourmet Donut’s Hamburger ($9.49) combo is a gorgeous slab of frozen beef, gilling that sucker and calling it is day–and it’s all I want in a burger!

With nothing more but the bun, some meat, some greens, and a little bit of mayo, it was the perfect topper to my oddly paired meal – one I actually crave.

Cómpralo ya!


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6 Responses

  1. Nothing says yummo like fried rice and donuts!

  2. Will have to take a Statin after reading your write up, red velvet is my fav. Louis you haven’t missed a beat, quite the wordsmith.

  3. You are a great writer Louis and I enjoy reading your reviews. But I can’t imagine any of this food is on your doctor-approved list of foods. I too am a stroke survivor amongst other issues, and I still have some bad eating habits but I’ve cut a lot of stuff out of my diet. We want you to stick around.

  4. I eat rabbit food all week and reward my self on Sundays, bet he does the same.

  5. My favorite donut place. Their strawberry cheesecake donut is amazing! And the owners are so nice.

  6. Gourmet Donuts is our favorite place to eat. You have to try their breakfast croissants. I crave them weekly. The cheeseburgers are better than the late, lamented Sooner Dairy lunch. I am not a French fry fan but I make an exception for their French fries. Hot and crispy but soft on the inside. I love this place.

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