Report: Ryan Walters is still a lying chode…

Ryan Walters – one of our state’s great morons and political grifters, and an emblematic example of why Oklahoma is one of the worst states in the country to call home and raise a family – continues to lie and gaffe his way to being elected our new State Superintendant of Public Education.

Yesterday morning, he pandered to the mouth-breathing dog groomers of the world by issuing a statement about the Norman teacher who resigned after she was reprimanded for sharing a QR code to a library.

Naturally, his statement began with a huge, fat, giant lie…

Yep, it’s official – giving students access to a QR code where they can read books equals “Sexualizing” the classroom… says the guy who developed such a close “relationship” with a female teacher at McAlester High School that it drove his wife to be a regular customer at the Harbor Mountain Coffee House.

If you read the actual letter, you’ll notice that it begins with a blatant lie and falsehood by claiming the teacher at the center of the Norman controversy was fired, when in fact, she resigned. He then followed that up with another lie that she provided access to pornographic material, when all she really did was provide access to an online public library.

Even though we live in an age where facts no longer matter, and most Oklahoma voters – especially the culture warriors who support for Walters – unequivocally worship a right-wing oranged-faced serial liar, Walters issued an “updated letter” to set the record straight:

Yep, that’s right. The long-faced dude who…

A) Isn’t responsible enough to pay his speeding tickets

B) Hired a pedophile to be his campaign manager

C) Oversaw a shady program that allowed parents to use Federal education funds to buy power tools, TVs, and Pac-Man video game cabinets, and

D) Wants to sabotage and destroy public education in Oklahoma from the inside…

Claims it’s an English teacher who shared a QR code to an online library that’s bringing harm and shame to the teaching profession.

By that rationale, I guess the guy who wants to reject all federal funding to cash-strapped Oklahoma public schools is a hero…

What a great idea! Cutting off federal funds that pay for things like free lunches for poor kids will really show the wokesters who’s boss!

If that sounds like a bad idea, Ryan has a good excuse – I think his ultra-tight blue jeans were cutting off blood flow to his simpletonistic brain, making him accidentally reveal his puppet masters’ plans for cutting off education funding to the state! Oops!

Seriously, give that man a school voucher credit card and send him to Kohls immediately! That skin-tight denim also caused him to reveal his plan to force even more Oklahoma teachers out of the classroom:

I know Ryan likes to moonlight as a playboy who’s always on the prowl for hot babes, and wants to show them his pulsating glutes, but it’s hard to take his claim that “sexualization of our classrooms won’t be tolerated” too seriously when it looks like he’s trying to pick up a cheerleader like a football coach.

Anyway, Ryan Walters is the content mill that keeps on giving, so it will be interesting to see what other lies, falsehoods and stupid statements he makes as the November election grows closer. And if you think that ride will be fun and infuriating, just wait until he’s elected! It will be Barresi all over again, only with less blood flow to the brain.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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38 Responses

  1. By god, if there’s no place in an Oklahoma classroom for a teacher with a liberal political agenda, there’s no room for one with a conservative political agenda, either.

    1. Amen.

    2. How about a teaching agenda. That’s seems pretty appropriate all around.

  2. Notice how the room is mostly women and Ryan addresses them as “guys?”

    Stitt does the same thing all the time. It shows you what a couple of rookies these two are.

    If you go to Walter’s campaign website, you’ll notice there is absolutely nothing listed about his personal education. I can only assume his didn’t graduate from college.

    And this clown wants to start yanking teaching certificates? And decline Federal dollars? I guarantee you McCalester Public Schools are receiving Federal money.

    Anybody from Pittsburg County out there? Let’s hear some more about this inappropriate relationship with a colleague. The voters deserve to know.

  3. What a sad little man. As the son of a career educator here in Oklahoma, this is nothing new and just one more link in the chain strangling public education. I cannot even believe this is real or this jackass has a chance but it is and he does.

    I wish time travel was real, I have a couple of ancestors I’d like to go smack tf out of for “settling” in/for Oklahoma.

    1. My husband has the same sentiments about his ancestors moving here. Of all the places in the U.S.A. & Canada, why here? (I moved here13 years ago to marry him).

      2 of our 5 grandchild have left for liberal states & better paying jobs & 2 more the will be leaving after college in May. We are sad to see them go but staying here just isn’t an option any more. Would them staying here make any changes in the dumb a$$ policies or help flip the state to purple? No because it would take a huge infusion of new residents that vote blue.

  4. If he wins, all teachers should resign the next day!! There are other states that would love to have them. (3000 or so are only emergency temps anyway)

    1. Yep. There’s currently a massive teaching shortage in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, where faculty can earn double…even triple what’s available in Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

  5. Why would a fuck face like this guy have anything to do with education? It’s apparent he doesn’t think for himself and only wags his tail when he pleases his master Shtitt. Being an educator myself, I can’t wait to do the exact opposite of whatever useless, racist crap comes from this moron once he’s elected just because he licks the right boots. I’m sure once these shitheads dismantle education to their liking it’ll be like some kind of weird hitler youth camp. Where propaganda that’s approved by the evangelicals is taught by uneducated dolts. I’m near retirement, so my last few years should at least be fun undermining this fucknut!

  6. Damn, Patrick! Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

    A note of encouragement: Walters got only 52.5% of the Republican primary vote, in spite of being the incumbent and having Gov. Stitt’s enthusiastic backing. Maybe, just maybe, enough Democrats will turn out to vote in November, and enough devout Republicans will hold their noses to vote for Walters’ excellent Democratic opponent – Jena Nelson. She’s someone well-qualified who cares about education and isn’t just a culture warrior one-trick pony.

    If we elect Nelson, Patrick won’t have as inviting a subject for bait clicks for the next four years, but that’s OK. Patrick won’t mind taking one for the team. He has a daughter who will likely be attending Oklahoma public schools.

    1. I feel sorry for people with young kids just starting school. Also, I know I will be attacked for my ignorant comments here like I am every other time I make a comment but that guy’s butt is waay to low. It’s not natural.

  7. He wants to take away the teaching certificate of a teacher who gave high school students access to a public library? Eejit. This from the man who is being paid over $120,000 a year by Every Kid Counts Oklahoma to lobby for school choice, private schools and charter schools while Oklahomans are paying him $40,000 a year plus benefits to be our Secretary of Education. We are paying a lobbyist and giving him office space and a public forum to put forth the Every Kid Counts Oklahoma agenda while he pretends to be our Secretary of Education. Conflict of interest?

  8. What a freak!

  9. “Ryan Walters” is what happens when an ignorant, racist, misogynistic , unqualified piece of crap is elected for governor.

  10. This piece of anal spewage needs to take his tail wagging ass and move to another state where he can fk it up.

  11. Why isn’t he promising to eradicate the various schools’ liberal arts programs? And the Masters of Liberal Studies degree at OU? Oh, that’s right; he’s trying to destroy education in Oklahoma from the ground up. What a tool.

  12. Proverbs 16:28 “A dishonest man spreads strife[…]”

    I predict right now that something horrible will come out about this man.

    1. Hobo Joe says”I predict right now that something horrible will come out about this man”

      I bet if you followed him into the bathroom, your prediction would be confirmed instantly, LOL!

  13. Why do people work so hard at being lying assholes?

    No one is going to convince me that this unshaven doofus CARES about children and their educations.

    So why is he running? He’s already got a high paying double-dip scam going.

    Where is the fun in undermining public education? What kicks do you really get? Is there a natural high from offering kids a substandard education?

    Beats TFO of me.

    1. He is running BECAUSE he has a high paying double-dip scam going.

      Much of the push for tearing down public education is driven by greedy profiteers (think Epic), who whip up support from deranged citizens who fear “wokeness” – whatever that means.

    2. Conservatives want to destroy public education because they fear an educated populace. People who know history and have critical thinking skills won’t fall for their bullstitt and will instead vote in their own best interest.

    3. I wonder who thought I was speaking poorly of “lying assholes”… he or she voted a thumbs down above.

  14. It’s sad that at a time when it is so hard to find and retain accredited educators the state is making it harder on them to do their job, their vocation. Losing teachers is making it harder to attract new, quality jobs.
    Hopefully the democratic candidates will take the high road and push sensible fixes to attract and retain the teachers in this state.

  15. I can only hope those who feel he is a total failure and should not be a viable candidate, not only speak out against him (which may have little or no effect in his electability), but give some money, time and support to those who are running against him.

    I also hope the political machines about to face him, fight a smart fight, one that will expose him and give people who may actually listen to facts cause not to vote for him.

    The teachers who loathe, fear and really understand what he could do, should band together and seek support/attention to not allow him to simply slink by without accountability because he has an “R;’ by his name on the ballot.

  16. I commented about this on yesterday’s story. This is as dangerous as it is sad. He’s a real danger. I cringe to think this interloper was actually in a classroom with young people. He’s a borderline sociopath willing to destroy innocent and right minded people speaking truth to power. And those idiots in Norman School system, home of our state’s “university”, should absolutely be ashamed of themselves. I suppose there is no shame there?

  17. So, a horse goes into a bar and asks Ryan Walters “Why the long face douche bag?”

  18. Chode? Hadda google that one.

  19. Bet ya he’s got cheese pizza on his hard drive..the dog that barks the loudest…

  20. He’s a dick, and a limp one at that.

  21. Do these Pearl clutching prudes not remember what it’s like in elementary school on the playground? We learned everything about sex in maybe 1st of 2nd grade. I’m not saying it’s all the correct info but it was pretty solid intel for elementary school. I will never forget my 1st grader coming home when I was pregnant explaining in vivid detail how I got pregnant because her friend told her about it. Calm down Karen’s your kids already know anything and everything in those books.

  22. Patrick I would love to see you do an in depth story on who is the puppet master of these 2 clowns. Real talk, those morons aren’t smart enough to come up with all the BS they spew and at this point it’s obvious they are just following the scripts. Please pull the curtain back before November. I’ve heard rumors on who it is but nothing concrete, and no it’s not Carol.

    1. Hopefully not a member of the clergy.

    2. They’re just pandering to the latest MAGA outrage. Just like when Stitt purchased all of those bogus COVID cures.

    3. Koch brothers.

  23. He sure is purty…….I bet that’s why he’s so worried about those books.

  24. Come on. Dana Carvey did it back in the day. Pulling up to the QT, running inside to pay then driving off without getting gas, thinking they’d screwed over the QT.
    Fallin pulled a Dana Carvey on the ACA with her turning down Federal much needed Medicaid money for the State to just show President Obama.
    Walters, though just a lad, looked up to Carvey’s genius and worked the trick masterfully many times at the local QTs while in high school and college. In fact he still does it today just to see if he’s still got the balls. Young Ryan still brags that he’s never been caught.
    Young Ryan is contemplating his ‘Dana Carvey’ move on the Feds right now. Turn down those free Fed dollars for public education in Oklahoma. Show that pesky President Biden who is boss here in Oklahoma by God!!

    1. Maybe Walterbaby needs an education about the source of those Federal tax dollars. Has anyone figured out where he got his degree (if he has one)?

      1. Son, I’m the king of Federal money. I can tell you anything you need to know based on my expert Google skills.

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