New Tulsa King trailer prepares us for disappointment…

When I first heard that Sylvester Stallone was starring in a show called Tulsa King – a fish-out-of-water streaming series about a former mafia henchman who is released from prison and sets up shop in Tulsa – I had high hopes it would follow the lead of recent set-in-Oklahoma hits like Watchmen and Reservation Dogs, and provide a rich look at Oklahoma people and culture, void of the traditional and kind of accurate tropes, stereotypes, and flat, two-dimensional characters that always seem to portray us as small-time, slow-witted country-folk who race street cars, chase tornados and own tiger zoos.

Well, that’s what I get for hoping.

Earlier this month, the first trailer for the filmed in OKC and set in Tulsa series debuted on YouTube and… well… check it out.

I don’t want to judge a book by its cover here, but – yeah –  that looks pretty awful. Granted, I’m also a culture snob and think most mainstream movies and TV shows are unoriginal, generic, and boring, but I was expecting better. You know, something semi-original where the lead actor doesn’t look like he’s being fed lines through an ear peice by Bruce Willis.

I wonder if Stallone feels the same way. When he first got off the plane to start filming the show, he was super excited and said Oklahoma was “The Paris of The Southwest.” But when he wrapped up filming a few months later, he seemed dejected and angry and said his stay in Oklahoma prepared him for a “Life in Hell.” That’s probably not the best sign.

Anyway, although Tulsa King looks like it’s going to suck, hopefully I’m wrong and I’ll end up being pleasantly surprised. At the very least, it will be cool to see some local Oklahoma City sights and sounds in a show that’s set in Tulsa. That’s always good for the turnpike rivalry.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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20 Responses

  1. Definitely saw the State Fairgrounds in OKC with “Tulsa” painted on the old Daily Oklahoman pavilion.

  2. ” I don’t think that’s a crime, even in Oklahoma” seems pretty accurate to me. Laws aren’t for big time mafioso types, just the poor, gays, minorities, anyone “ethnic”, or female.

  3. I don’t think Patrick sees the possibilities of future seasons of this show. Imagine Stallone taking on a local supposed influential and powerful couple like the Hefners. Two nut bags trying to do one over a mafia guy and get their comeuppance. Robert is peeing himself on the floor screaming, “ivermectin! nft’s! Why did they fail me?”

    Or a season where he has to deal with a terrible bbq empire that has influence on the governor?

    Or a season where he solves the real mystery of why Aubrey crashed into a wall?

    Geez, this thing would write itself.

    1. Or a season where Stallone takes on a cattle baron whose family stole land from Native Americans pre-statehood and his wife is a renown tv cooking show host. The couple has singlehandedly taken over a small town in NE Oklahoma and it’s up to Sly to save the townspeople’s souls.

      1. And along the way he lowers their cholesterol and blood pressure levels…

  4. I hope Tulsa King takes over the Turnpike Authority from the Swadley’s syndicate and runs a toll road right down the middle of Gaillardia.

  5. I also wondered why a show supposedly set in Tulsa was filmed in Oklahoma City?

    1. People who are unfamiliar with Oklahoma would expect Tulsa to look more like Oklahoma City.

  6. Looks like a rip-off of “ Lilyhammer” with Steve Van Zandt as an exiled mobster in Norway.

  7. Looks pretty cool to me, I’ll check it out.

    1. I can’t wait to see it

  8. I don’t know how you can get all that from a trailer. I’ve yet to see Taylor Sheridan write or produce anything as sub par as you’ve described. Sure, Sylvester Stallone talks and sounds like he has a mouth full of marbles and is no Robert Deniro but he is not Pauly Shore either. I for one am excited to see the first episode before claiming I’m oh so put out or disappointed. For all I know it could flop but I’ll wait to watch a couple episodes first, silly logic I know.

    1. I submit to you “Those Who Wish Me Dead”. Pretty meh. So was the last season of Yellowstone. He was too busy trying to set up a bunch of tv spinoffs and did not lend enough attention on creating a compelling season story arc.

      1. I’ll admit that one is kinda cheesy but still has good production value.

  9. The trailer does emphasize we are the center of the universe, makes the state still look like an outlaw haven, has an allusion to the Outsiders/Warriors street fights, and will have a lot of people and places in it we know. We already have the great Stallone quote (roughly paraphrased): “If I go to Hell, I’ll be ready because I spent a summer in Oklahoma.” What’s not to like!?

  10. I’ve been prepared for disappointment since I heard that Sylvester Stallone was doing a TV show in Oklahoma.

  11. It was filmed in OKC because of the big Prairie Surf Studios being the hub of filming. Pretty exciting, actually.

    What will suck is if the second season, already confirmed, is filmed in LA or Atlanta on a soundstage. Shitty shows or not, I like the idea of national shows and films shooting locally.

    If you really want to talk about a crap film being shot in Oklahoma, the Full House girl is making a Hallmark-level flick in Tulsa this month. I reserve my thumbs down for that one.

  12. I saw that ads for the show were painted on the track at the last F1 race, the Italian Grand Prix from Monza. That’s among the world-wide largest regular televised show/events….approaching a billion viewers. Must’ve been a big advert bill (unless it was some computer generated targeted stuff).

    Doubtful I’ll watch it. I’m not big in subscriptions. I’m perhaps the only person still breathing that never watched Tiger King, Reservoir Dogs and only a single episode Watchman (once the frogs were raining, I went “huh?” )

  13. The bulk of the series was shot indoors with man made sets. One of my homies from LA was part of the 2nd crew (who were here for 3 months)

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