Founded in 2007, The Lost Ogle has grown into one of the most popular and widely read “obscure local social blogs” in Oklahoma. Each day, thousands of Oklahomans (and ex-pats) stop by for our unapologetic, colorful, satirical, and antagonistic take on local news, people and politics.

Here’s our some basic stats tracked via Google Analytics for 2015:

2015: 4.3-million

Unique Users
2015: 2.2-million

Page Views:
2015: 7.6-million

If you would like to reach those readers, send us an email to We’ll send you over a media kit and rate sheet that has all the information you need about The Lost Ogle advertising solutions. Do you like what I did there? I called it a “solution.” That’s some pretty fancy business talk, huh?


– Patrick