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After a year-long hiatus due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Lost Ogle Trivia Night – the Oklahoma City metro’s most popular and revered trivia night – is proud to announce its return to the OKC bar and nightlife scene!

Starting the week of April 5th, we’re back hosting an updated version of Lost Ogle Trivia and Bingo to some of our favorite watering holes. Here’s our new schedule.

Free Team TRIVIA Schedule

Monday: Bar Cicchetti  •  8pm
(Deep Deuce) 

121 NE 2nd St,
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Tuesday: Fassler Hall  •  8pm

421 NW 10th St,
Oklahoma City, OK  73103

Wednesday: Cock O’ The Walk  •  8pm
(36th & N. Western Ave.)

3705 N Western Ave,
Oklahoma City, OK  73118

Thursday: Anthem Brewing Taproom  •  7pm

908 SW 4th St, 
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

Friday: Buffalo Wild Wings  •  9pm
(NW Expressway)

4130 Northwest Expy
Oklahoma City, OK  73116

Free Jackpot BINGO Schedule

Monday:  Fassler Hall  •  8pm

421 NW 10th St,
Oklahoma City, OK  73103

Tuesday:  Cock O’ The Walk  •  8pm

3705 N Western Ave,
Oklahoma City, OK  73118

Here are some reasons why our trivia nights are awesome:

• We have a new format! We’ve added a speed element to the game, and now let teams text in your answers. How’s that for crazy? This eliminates the annoying practice of spreading your germs while bringing us an answer sheet. We also let teams vote for theme-categories. It’s wild stuff. 

• As opposed to being national chain trivia, we’re locally owned and operated. Our artisanal-blend of trivia questions are hand-crafted using only the finest research ingredients, meaning your trivia night will be a joyous one.

• We sometimes have special theme nights. We’ll also have a league up and running soon. Read The Lost Ogle, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook, to keep up to date on all that!

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: It’s free. Hence the name Free Team Trivia.

We’ve updated our trivia format to be a bit more social-distance complaint. As opposed to writing down answers on a sheet of paper and bringing them to us to grade, teams simply designate a captain and text us their responses. We’ve also added a speed element where we give bonus points to the first team the sends in a correct answer. Outside of that, it’s about the same trivia night. We ask questions, teams answer them, and the top three win house cash from the venue. As the world slowly returns to normal, we’ll morph back to our classic style of trivia. Then again, maybe we won’t. We’re playing everything by ear at the moment.

A: There’s no minimum or maximum. The only rule is that everyone on a team has to be at the same table. On average, team sizes generally range between 4 – 8 people. Also, it’s not the size of the team that matters, but the way you use them.

A: We ask a mixed-bag of trivia questions, ranging from traditional categories like geography and history, to topics like entertainment, sex, current events and pop culture.

A: About two hours or so.

A: We try abide by the honors system, but if you see a team cheating, please let us know. 

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