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The Oklahoman is angry at Channel 25

Buried somewhere in the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing is the idea that anyone can attack the market leader, but that the market leader should never attack the products, people or services that rank below it. Leave it up to The Oklahoman to break one of those immutable laws. Here is a full page criticizing Fox 25 for their report on price hike of the Sunday paper:

(photo from Nate at Okay City)

I think that sound you just heard was the cork being popped from the bottles of champagne in the Fox 25 newsroom. Seriously, the Fox 25 news audience probably just doubled now that people know they have the ability to piss off OPUBCO.

If you ask me, the highlight of the ad was this:

Maybe our local broadcast friend should stick to reruns of Cops and TMZ and let journalists worry about reporting the news.

Yep, The Oklahoman does a great job of letting its journalists report the news. Kind of like when business reporter Don Mecoy reported that Aubrey McClendon was auctioning a portion of his extensive wine collection. Wait…they actually took down that story without any explanation. Oops.

Anyway, I will admit that I’m a bit salty that The Oklahoman went after Fox 25 before officially coming after us. You would have thought we would have got that honor first.  Maybe they didn’t because most of their employees are fans of our site and read us daily, and they don’t want to have a mutiny on their hands. Or maybe it’s because we actually use Wimgo.  Who knows, we’ll let you be the judge.


  1. Let’s see, fox gives me King of the Hill, The Simpsons, Family Guy and The Oklahoman gives me what? That’s a no brainer, they look like a bunch of jerks with this one.

  2. It’s quite clear they didn’t employ any professional copywriters for this little stunt. That paper becomes more and more of a joke each day.

  3. The gauntlet has been tossed. Now it’s only a matter of time until Ed Kelley is gunned down coming out of The Riverwind and Andrew Speno is offed by a crooked OKC police officer hired by Christy Everest.

  4. I think Clark Matthews nailed it: Let’s get this thing poppin’ off Biggie/Tupac style! I’m not sure who’s who in this one, since neither really boasts the talent level of a Christopher Wallace. Yes, I left ‘Pac out of that last sentence. That was on purpose.

  5. C’mon. I’ll give Biggie his due…. but Tupac was the greatest. He puts out better records DEAD than 90 percent of today’s hip hop artists do ALIVE!

  6. What happened to Eddie #2 ?
    Paper hasnt been worth a Crap since those Gaylord girls took over.

  7. Ok, I’ll concede my defeat on this one. But it’s only because I was just shot 4 times outside a Las Vegas casino.

  8. i like to treat the oklahoman like i do other unpleasantries that plague my life like student loan payments, unplanned pregnancies and the check engine light constantly on in my car – complete and utter denial. it’s like it doesn’t even exist.

  9. I thought KSBI was the lowest?? Oh well…it doesn’t matter, the oklahoman is just clinging to life with this one. I would love to see Myron Patton and Barry Tramel duke it out though. Jamie Cerreta vs. Jenni Carlson?? Wow…Potential march madness match-ups guys??

  10. More signs of intelligence can be found in one Rap song (new or old) than in the entire archives of the Daily Oklahoman.

  11. This Cleveland County reporter is astounded that neither The Norman Transcript nor the Moore American have not come after me.

  12. At the risk of sounding like a fanboy of OPUBCO ….

    So one quick question for the tools at Fox 25: How come, in the interest of fairness, you didn’t report the significant troubles facing local network news?

    And why do you think finding a radio host at a local radio station is a legitimate source? Why did you not go to a university professor who has studied issues facing the journalism industry? Why did you think this was legitimate source?

    This was lazy, lazy journalism.

    Here’s a little secret: Local TV stations are suffering significant declines in ad dollars. The only difference is their news staffs are significantly smaller and so wall-to-wall coverage isn’t in danger because they don’t provide it.

    As much as I can’t stand the way David Thompson and Co. interfere with the newsroom at OPUBCO to protect powerful people, there’s more good journalism at The Oklahoman than you could ever find on one of the local TV news stations.

    That being said, OPUBCO should’ve let the issue slide. Nobody watches Fox.

  13. good job skins96, after a lot of worthless babling you finally got to the point… OPUBCO should have it it slide instead of looking like a bunch of babies.

  14. It concerns me that a FOX station, no matter how small, is being targeted by The Oklahoman, which is the FOX NEWS of newspapers. If you look at their all-the-way-right-of-right political slant, it is obvious that the Buddy Holly-ish Ed Kelly secretly wishes he was Ruprecht Murdoch. Or at least Roger Ailes!

  15. Actually Dave, the Oklahoman isn’t “all the way to the right” anymore. They have taken several republican legislators to task recently, for whatever reason, and seem to have become a little more moderate on certain issues.

    They still hate lawyers with a passion though…

  16. When I first saw this, I had a four-minute internal debate wondering if this was actually real.

    I’m still having trouble believing the Oklahoman did this.

  17. I’d hate to use an Internet term, but the word “butthurt” describes The Oklahoman. Also the Wimgo link is blank.

  18. Hey Skins96 as a matter of fact, they did have a university professor, Dr. Terry Miller from UCO speak about the journalism industry as a whole…if you didn’t watch the week before you wont understand the attack ads in the daily disappointment.


  19. The Columbia Journalism Review was right…they named the Oklahoman the worst newspaper in America in 1999. They havent done anything to improve it since then.

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