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Meet your Ogle Madness IX Champion…

After 21 days, 63 matchups and 41,000 votes by TLO readers, fans, haters, and a few computer scripts, Ogle Madness IX is in the books. Winning the championship match by a comfortable tally of 525 – 404, your Ogle Madness IX Champion is…

Ogle Madness IX Championship Game: (2) Russell Westbrook vs. (3) Lacey Swope

After 62 matchups, thousands of votes cast, and some crazy finishes, they’re only two people left standing in Ogle Madness IX. They are: (2) Russell Westbrook vs. (3) Lacey Swope What a matchup, huh? We have the bionic basketball star vs. the bionic severe weather babe. Vote for who you want to take home the Ogle Madness […]

Ogle Madness IX Final Four: Russell Westbrook vs Chicken Fried Steak

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pit a grown man against a steak? Of course you haven’t. That’s what makes this particular Ogle Madness IX Final Four matchup so difficult. Do you go with a 200 lb, 6’3″ athlete who can run, dunk, and compete harder than anyone in the NBA, or […]

Ogle Madness IX Final Four: Joleen Chaney vs Lacey Swope

After 60 matchups, thousand of votes, and a few thrilling finishes, The Ogle Madness IX Final Four begins today with two beautiful stalwarts from the Griffin Communications Conference: (2) Joleen Chaney vs. (3) Lacey Swope It’s been quite a run by each of these vixens. They’ve knocked off weathermen, football players, A-list movie stars and even a […]

Ogle Madness IX: Elite Eight, West Region

We’ve hit the last match-up before a Final Four that is shaping up to be an epic Ogle Madness Classic. This afternoon, I’d like to use this particular match-up to imagine Russell Westbrook and The Ogle Brothers at first meeting for battle, but then deciding to join forces. Russ would pick out hot new outfits […]