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Lacey Swope is your Ogle Madness VII Champion…

There’s a new severe weather diva in town! First time Ogle Madness participant Lacey Swope defeated (1) Emily Sutton in the Ogle Madness VII Championship Game by a score of 674 to 468. For those who like percentages, that’s 59% to 41%. We actually had one person select Lacey in the Ogle Madness VII Bracket [...]

Lost Ogle Q & A: Comedian Dave Ross

Dave Ross, a “comedian on the rise” from Los Angeles, will be visiting Oklahoma this week as part of his barn busting nationwide tour. Let’s be sure to impress him with our friendliness, flatness and lack of traffic. Dave will be at the Comedy Parlor in Tulsa on Wednesday, VZD’s in Oklahoma City on Thursday, and Gary’s Chicaros in Enid on [...]

Ogle Madness VII Championship Game: (1) Emily Sutton vs. (6) Lacey Swope

The hook echo of Ogle Madness matches is before us. (1) Emily Sutton vs. (6) Lacey Swope In one corner we have Emily Sutton. She’s a two-time Ogle Madness champion, an irresistible severe weather diva that combines sneaky good looks with the bubbly adorable charm of a girl next door. In the other corner we [...]

Ogle Madness VII: Final Four

We started with 68. Now we’re down to four. On Monday, we’ll be down to two. What an incredibly obvious and boring intro, huh? Before we get to the matchups, we have a couple of notes: • Lots of people were knocked out of the Ogle Madness VII Bracket Challenge sponsored by LOCAL when KD [...]

Ogle Madness VII Elite 8: (1) Joleen Chaney vs. (6) Real Miss Oklahoma

The final Elite 8 matchup of Ogle Madness VII pits (1) Joleen Chaney vs. (6) Real Miss Oklahoma. According to my sources, these two ladies have a side bet going. If Joleen Chaney wins, Real Miss Oklahoma has to perform a jazz standard version of A Little Bit of JoJo. If Miss Oklahoma wins, we’ll finally take [...]