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Friday Night in the Big Town: Ogle at the Speakeasy, Plaza Tattoos and Valentine’s Burlesque

Valentine’s Day is almost here, the holiday I can’t remember anyone ever saying they like. A truly manufactured “celebration,” a fine symbol of corporate American ingenuity. We beg for reasons to spend money, and there is no better example than the heart-shaped boxes whom eat our dollars as we eat its chocolate. What I am […]

Lost Ogle Q&A: Larry Flynt

A couple of months ago, I was hit up by our new friends at Oklahoma City’s Hustler Hollywood to see if I would like to interview Hustler Founder and Publisher Larry Flynt. As a fledgling, independent web publisher who’s been sued by squares who don’t appreciate irreverent satire and parody (and criticized by hypersensitive politically correct folks for being a […]

According to Google Maps, Tulsa really is the center of the universe

It started off as a normal week on the Facebook front. When I scrolled through my timeline, it was your typical Facebook minutia–birthday wishes to people you hardly know, ignorant political propaganda dressed up as an overused internet meme, some nostalgic list about 90’s fad toys or television shows. But then something peculiar started popping […]

Abigail Ogle was trolled by the stars of Black-ish…

There’s a reason we tell you she’s going to rule the world someday… Earlier this week, Abigail Ogle interviewed Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, the stars of Black-ish. It’s the new ABC show that you’ve never watched, but feel like you kind of know because you’ve seen so many previews while watching OU or OSU football games. Abigail […]

Breaking down Oklahoma’s Google tendencies…

Last week, Marisa took a satirical look at the report that listed the most Googled items by state for 2014. Since TLO is a disorganised cluster fuck with poor leadership, and Patrick sent me this story without telling me Marisa would be writing about it, I thought I’d also share my own views on the topic. To recap, […]