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What Oklahoma Googled more than any other state

When I find myself in need of information, the first thing I usually do is consult the oracle. When the oracle isn’t available, as if often the case with oracles, I then go to Google. Sure, I have entrusted a few very specific people with the task of scrubbing my Google search history, should I […]

Kelly Ogle asked some tough questions to the Hobby Lobby president…

Earlier this week, Kelly Ogle set down with Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby, to talk about that big $400-million Museum of the Bible the arts and crafts moguls are building in DC. The interview was quite a sweeps score for the My Two Cents Ogle. If you remember correctly, Steve Green and his family came under fire […]

Report: Oklahoma City is getting Google Fiber

Here’s some cool news if you like free high-speed Internet, hate Cox Communications, or like to see our “State’s Most Trusted News” get scooped by local message boards. Earlier today, OKC Talk announced that Google Fiber will be coming to Oklahoma City. Plans will apparently be announced at a press conference later today. Via OKC Talk:

Channel 9 wants you to know that Kelly Ogle is kind…

Kelly Ogle is celebrating his 25th Anniversary with KWTV News 9. Yep, 25 years. It’s hard to believe, especially when you consider My Two Cents has never adjusted once for inflation… Haha! I’ll be here all week! We know Kelly is celebrating his anniversary thanks to this circle jerk of a tribute Channel 9 put together […]

Ogletoberfest is now available in liquor stores…

Remember that beer we brewed with Anthem? It’s a delicious Vienna-style lager called Ogletoberfest. We made it available on tap at local bars in early September. Now you can pick it up in cans at any liquor store across the state. I know this because… A) The beer has our name on it… B) These pics from the […]