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And the winner of The Lost Ogle’s teacher of the year award is…

The votes are in and it looks like we have a two-way tie for the 2014 teacher of the year. And by that I don’t mean the actual teacher of the year award that honors hardworking educators who give so much of themselves to better the students of this state. I mean the award for […]

Lost Ogle Q&A: Governor Mary Fallin

Earlier today, we published a Lost Ogle Q&A with Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Dorman. Because we’re fair and balanced, we also sent the same 15 questions to Governor Fallin. I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I emailed her campaign asking about the Q&A. She did take part in one in 2010, but that was four years ago. It […]

Lost Ogle Q&A: Joe Dorman

Tomorrow, Oklahoma voters will go to the polls to choose their next governor. In one corner, you have the struggling incumbent Mary Fallin, a conservative, polarizing, “family values” Republican who once got engaged in the Playboy Mansion grotto (pronounced “grot-oh”). In the other corner, you have rural Oklahoma good ole’ boy Joe Dorman, a conservative Democrat who would probably […]

Abigail Ogle took on the Facebook Trolls…

We have repeatedly told you she’s going to rule this town some day. Yesterday, KOCO Channel 5 celebrated their harmonious inclusion into the Ogle family by posting this kind note about Abigail on their Facebook page: Wow, Abigail Ogle hasn’t aged at all over the last… almost year! It’s like she joined KOCO…less than year ago. What did […]

Who tried to take down The Lost Ogle?

We survived our first DDoS attack over the weekend. If you don’t know what a DDoS attack is, it’s basically when an asshole, group of assholes or angry robots turns a website into an early version of Healthcare.gov by flooding it with simultaneous visits/requests. Here’s a semi-decent breakdown from Techopedia: A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is a type […]