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Who tried to take down The Lost Ogle?

We survived our first DDoS attack over the weekend. If you don’t know what a DDoS attack is, it’s basically when an asshole, group of assholes or angry robots turns a website into an early version of Healthcare.gov by flooding it with simultaneous visits/requests. Here’s a semi-decent breakdown from Techopedia: A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is a type [...]

According to this internal email, Tate Publishing is trying to rig Google autocomplete…

If you’re bored, open up Google and search Tate Publishing. You’ll likely see something like this: In all honesty, those autocomplete results really aren’t that bad, especially when you consider: A) Tate Publishing is essentially a greedy vanity press that publishes the work of naive, talentless writers for something like a $4,000 down payment, and [...]

Scary White Rapper Zero has released a Lost Ogle diss video…

The last time I wrote about scary white rapper Zero, his music videos and antique gun collection, I included the following challenge: I’d like to challenge to Mr. Zero. Make a music video that disses me. It should be very easy. I’m goofy looking, have red hair, and sneeze every time I poop. I’m also a local stand-up [...]

Lacey Swope is your Ogle Madness VII Champion…

There’s a new severe weather diva in town! First time Ogle Madness participant Lacey Swope defeated (1) Emily Sutton in the Ogle Madness VII Championship Game by a score of 674 to 468. For those who like percentages, that’s 59% to 41%. We actually had one person select Lacey in the Ogle Madness VII Bracket [...]

Lost Ogle Q & A: Comedian Dave Ross

Dave Ross, a “comedian on the rise” from Los Angeles, will be visiting Oklahoma this week as part of his barn busting nationwide tour. Let’s be sure to impress him with our friendliness, flatness and lack of traffic. Dave will be at the Comedy Parlor in Tulsa on Wednesday, VZD’s in Oklahoma City on Thursday, and Gary’s Chicaros in Enid on [...]